Thursday, 18 August 2011

Startup of Prico Services

Today is the first posting for PRICO SERVICES.

We have planned to develope a website since the startup of our company last month July 2011 but the time was not in our side until today. I had to force myself to sit down and do this. Finally, i have posted something.

Please bare in mind that this is only the first draft of the webpage.....still need to improve the presentation and contents.

Starting up a business is not a smooth sailing thing that you can just have it without all the planning, preparation, financial and mentally committment.

Fear will always press you down

The lunch date with my two other uni-mate end of May 2011has started all of this. Our common idea to have a copy and print business did not die after our meeting. Within a week we had our shop approved for rental, within a month after that on 1st July 2011 the shop start operation which is located at LotF26, 1st Floor, Giant Kolombong, Inanam, Sabah.

Our initial idea is to provide copy and print services including all the binding, laminating, name card printing, banners, streamers and etc but accidentally we have stumble upon a personalised gift printing business. Therefore, we are offering copy and print services and personalised gifts printing.

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